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October 17 Webcast: CA Communities Redesign — What You Need to Know

Discussion created by Lenn Thompson Employee on Oct 15, 2013
Before I tell you about an important webcast coming up later this week, I wanted to briefly introduce myself. My name is Lenn Thompson and I’m the new community manager for CA’s Mainframe and Data Management communities. While I’m new to the communities team, I’ve worked for CA for more than 10 years, mainly in digital and Internet marketing. I look forward to getting to know each of you and helping you do your day-to-day jobs better.

Late last week, Sue Macaluso from the CA Communities Team published the following blog post about an important webcast coming up on October 17. I'd encourage you to read it there but I'll also publish it in its entirety below:

We listened to your suggestions, gathered all of your feedback and now the CA Communities site is being redesigned! As the days get closer to the launch, I urge all of you to join the “CA Communities Redesign” webcast on October 17th at 11AM EST where we will be giving a demonstration of the new design. The details of the webcast can be found in the MyCA Feedback Community. Additionally, please look out for messages in the “Extra Extra!” portlet as we continue to build on our “What’s Coming in the New Release” posts.

Our goal is for you to be completely informed and prepared for the rollout later this month. With this update, there are a couple of key changes that we need to make you aware of. These points will also be covered in greater detail during the webcast and in other messages surrounding the redesign. Please note that in the new system:

Members will be able to see your first and last name (not just your screen name) in the following places:
The contact center in the members page of every community
Your private dashboard contact center
Micro blogs
Activity portlet
Related Assets

If you post a document in the document library, the automatically extracted metadata will be displayed. This could include your name and company name.

If you currently have a personal blog, it will no longer display in the upgraded system. Please save any blog information that is important to you.

For any questions or comments surrounding the new features of the redesign, please go to the MyCA Feedback Community message boardsunder the category of “CA Communities Redesign.”