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Autoschedule on Roles with several people

Question asked by BarakBes on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 17, 2013 by JennRinella

We are trying to make autoschedule work when managers are planning in roles. Roles include more than 1 resource.
One more note is that autoschedule is run on a master project and levels the resources across projects
We couldn't get it to work exactly as we want:

Let's assume the following scenario: We have a role that includes 2 people. These people need to deal with 3 tasks, each has an ETC of 16, Starting 1/1/2014.
The desired result: 2 tasks (one for each person) will be done in parallel (1-2/1/2014) and the 3rd will be done after (3-4/1/2014).

We couldn't make it work. We tracked down the basic problem to a combination of 2 aspects of autoschedule:

1. Autoschedule prefers to send the entire workforce to charge on the tasks one-by-one, meanning that 2 people will work together on the first task and then move to the 2nd task, rather than working on 2 tasks in parallel
2. Task dates don't necessarily fit assignment dates .This relates to our idea of dealing with the previous item using Fixed Duration - we managed to have the first 2 tasks scheduled in parallel, but when looking at the assignment, it was still serial (the 1st task finish date was 2/1, but the finish date of its assignment was 1/1). As a result, the 3rd task manages to stay as 2 days duration, but these 2 days were 2/1 (when no assignment is considered) and 3/1 (when both resources are "charging" on the tasks), while the expectation is 3/1-4/1.

Does anybody have a way around it?
If done in Open Workbench, would I get the same results?