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CEM Transaction Traces Not Working

Question asked by JKW on Oct 16, 2013
Latest reply on May 15, 2015 by Hiko_Davis
I wanted to see if anyone else is having this problem with CEM initiating Transaction Traces? It looks to me like something potentially broke with one the 9.1.x versions.

According to the docs:

----- The transaction trace time threshold is a percentage of the slow time defect specification. For example, if the slow time defect specification is set to 5.00 seconds and the transaction trace time threshold is set to 50 percent, then all transactions that take longer than 2.50 seconds to complete (in CA Introscope, that is, on the application server) will be traced.

---- Using the example above with the default values of 30 minutes and 50 percent, transactions will be traced when these are all true statements:
----- there is an open incident for the business transaction.
----- the transaction takes longer than 2.50 seconds to complete.
----- the transaction trace has been running for less than 30 minutes

I have now seen two different environments, configured by two different APM Admins with different business transactions at two different customers. One was running Version 9.1.6 and the other Version 9.1.7.
Neither one show CEM initiating a Transaction Trace. The slow time defect was even lowered to see if it would kick off a transaction trace, but it won't.

However, login to Introscope, and a manual transaction trace works fine, including the automatic transaction trace.

So, has anyone else seen this? Any idea of a fix? I'm guessing it broke from one version of APM to the next. So, has anyone seen CEM kick off a Transaction Trace in:

Version (Yes)
Version 9.1.2
Version 9.1.3
Version 9.1.4
Version 9.1.5
Version 9.1.6 (No)
Version 9.1.7 (No)

Anyone know of any bugs or patches to fix this?
Thanks JW