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urlGroups broke with 8.0 -> 9.1 agent upgrade

Question asked by JohnGregg on Oct 17, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2014 by JohnGregg

My urlGroups broke when I upgraded my agent from 8.0.x to 9.1.x. I have this configuration:


I don't remember why there are 2 bus.format entries, but I think there was a specific reason.

On both 8.0.x and 9.1.x ExchangeServices worked fine. These URLs went under Frontends|Apps|/ExchangeServices|URLs:


They show up as /foo and /bar.

Under 8.0.x, the following went under Frontends|Apps|Bus|URLs, which is the display name of the app, in web.xml, deployed at /:


Now in 9.1.x, I still get a few things under Frontends|Apps|Bus|URLs, but most of the interesting stuff ends up under Frontends|Apps|rootContext|URLs:


I don't know where that /rootContext name came from. What do I do to get them grouped the way they were before?