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Impatient users

Question asked by christopher.trayler on Oct 18, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 22, 2013 by christopher.trayler
I have a question which bridges 2 CA products. We use CA-TPX to offer connections to our host resources including CA-IDMS. That includes VTAM access to native IDMS sessions. i.e. a DC LINE.

We allow multiple signons for various reasons. I can't change that.

If a User is logged on to DC via VTAM and he goes to OCF and generates a very expensive or completely brain-out query, his terminal is locked. CA-TPX allows him to Escape out to the main screen and then enter an I next to the session to Inactivate it.

Having done that he can select it again and he will get another session. Unbeknown to him his SQL query is still burning resources and will not notice that he has logged off until it tries to return data to the terminal. That may be many hours or never depending on just how off the wall his query was.

The user gets his new session and does exactly the same query or a similar one. If it is still bad he will interrupt out again. He can keep doing that until the IDMS has run out of Terminal definitions on the DC line. At that point he can't get another one and nobody else can either. He has 10 or 15 pointless expensive queries running and the IDMS is pointlessly using 100% of the CPU.

I need to get control at the point of inactivation of a CA-TPX session and force an abend or signoff of the DC session.

I also need to be able to do it if he does an F to get out of CA-TPX altogether or just kills his emulator or powers off hiis PC or throws it out of the window. All these scenarios can lead to an orphan SQL query using resources.

Has anybody addressed the problem?

Chris Trayler