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Deactivate projects from backend or through xog

Question asked by jadhavvinod123 on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2013 by eabollinger

We want to deactivate around 5000 projects in the system. The reason for this backlog was - PM's were not given access to Financials subpage and they were not able to Close the financial status, hence project could not be deactivated. Now from system cleanup point of view, we want to close these projects and following are the activities involved -

1. Close the financial status.
2. Uncheck timeshet entry checkbox if its still checked.
3. Mark Project stage as 'Closed'. (Custom field)
4. Inactive the project.

Doing this work from frontend would take lot of time. Is there any easy way to de-activate the projects from backend or through xog? I tried to xogout one project and changed the financial status from 'Open' to 'Closed' and tried to xogin the project xml but its throwing an error.

<Description>Project Object update failed</Description>

at com.niku.xql2.handlers.UpdateHandler.process(

at com.niku.xql2.XQLVisitor.process(

at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.process(

at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.traverseIntern(

at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.traverseIntern(

at com.niku.union.xml.dom.DOMWalker.traverse(

Any ideas?

Vinod Jadhav