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Project Properties Field Link

Question asked by stephen_floyd on Oct 24, 2013
Latest reply on Jun 11, 2018 by urmas
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Is it possible to have a customized field on the project/idea properties page link to and external website? I have created a URL field with the website I want as a default and that works fine it does its job. The Problem I have is that the website is too long and I want to put in word or the name of something so that user click on it and goes to the website.
The example I am trying to replicate is Originating Idea that is available on the project Object and when you converted the idea into a project this field automatically gets populate it the Idea name. It's an OOTB field and when I go and check the set-up of it it's just a string, text entry only field but some how on conversion from idea to project a link is mapped to the field.

I can link the field on the listings page for projects and Ideas, but I just thought that there is a way you could do it on the properties page link that field I described above.

We are using version 12.1.1