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metric value as undefined in java scripts

Question asked by prasad890 on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 15, 2010 by aleandrade
we have a requirement to capture String type data from investigator and parse the data to format new metric. however we get "underfined " value from metricData.timeslicedValue.value function. we're not sure why. any clue ?

here is my function ( removed other js fuctions from the script to make it short)

for(i=0; i < metricData.length; i++) {

var metric = metricData[i].agentMetric.attributeURL;

var frequency = metricData[i].frequency;

var agent = metricData[i].agentName.processURL;

//" metric attributeURL ==> " +metric);" metric value ==> " +metricData[i].timeslicedValue.value);


and the out is [Manager.JavaScript|LP.js] metric value ==> undefined

any help is greatly appreciated.