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Master project Finish date not Extending

Question asked by sundar on Oct 28, 2013
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For Master projects which have more than 1 level of sub projects we faced an issue where if an sub project finish dates get extended then it only extends the Immediate Master project finish date not the root master project finish date.When you first add an in thehierrachy then it is updaing the finish date of the master project then after any changes in the sub project finish date it is not getting updated.CA also confirmed this as an Defect.This is impacting our FBR / Project status reporting for projects.CA workaround is to use OWB which can update the project finish date up to two levels but our standard is MSP.Only supported way is manually updating the Root Master project finish date.If sub project Finish date is extended we can send an Email notification to Master Project PM and ask them to update but it is very cumbersome.How other customers who are having more than 1 levels of hierarchy is handling them?.Pls advice.

Clarity v12.1,MSP 2007