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Getting error during CA Directory Server instance startup

Question asked by Chenna on Oct 28, 2013
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My environment is CA IdentityMinder r12.6 SP2 and JBoss Application Server 6.1.0 installed on Red Hat Linux server. The required "glibc" & "glibc.i686" packages are installed.

I had installed CA Directory as a pre-requisite step for CA IdentityMinder installation. Only CA Directory server has been installed and no Web Management component.

The directory installation and the dsa instance creation is successful (dxnewdsa <instancename> 11389 "dc=example,dc=com"), but the dsa instance startup has failed with below errors in "<instancename>_alarm.log" file during the dxnewdsa command execution.

[0] 20131025.201115.767 DSA_E1310 Cannot open local console
[0] 20131025.201115.767 DSA_I1240 DSA shutting down

Below troubleshooting check has been provided in CA bookshelf, but there is no console installed at all and no specific port being used for DSA console.

DSA_E1310 Cannot open local console
Symptom::On startup, the DSA console failed to initialize.
Solution::Ensure that the port configured for the DSA console is not currently in use


Please advise on how to resolve this issue.


Thanks, Chenna