Tasks for Agile Development

Discussion created by Kishmo on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Oct 30, 2013 by Chris_Hackett
Hi forums,
I’m looking for some advice or best practice info about tasks within an Agile shop. We’re currently transitioning from waterfall to Agile, and are not currently using CA Clarity Agile. We’re trying to find a good middle-ground solution for capturing time from staff, recognizing that Agile development doesn’t lend itself amazingly to the vanilla Clarity project-tasks-in-timesheets model.
The problem I’m running into is that some of our Agile managers are saying that their staff can’t break down time spent on an Agile project. Their argument is, since so much of Agile development is comprised of big team collaboration that feeds into many different artifacts or deliverables, it’s impossible to break down time against specific tasks / activities / deliverables. For example, they’re saying that their teams spend 6 hrs a day in scrum meetings or collaborating, and then another ~2 hrs a day parsing what they met about into documents, code, deliverables, etc. They're claiming the 2 hours can be tracked against specific tasks, but the 6 hrs is too all-encompassing to be broken down, and if forced could only go against some big, amorphous, “Agile Collaboration” task in Clarity. Anything more specific than that is "impossible due to the nature of the methodology."
I’m admittedly not an expert on Agile or Lean, but I’m pretty sure that the Agile Manifesto doesn’t forbid tracking time against specific activities, or even types of activities.
Has anyone had any experience instituting tasks (or overall time tracking) for Agile dev in Clarity, without using CA Clarity Agile, or thoughts on how to approach this?
- Andrew