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R18+ ziip exploiters - APPLY THIS FIX !!!

Question asked by ChrisHoelscher on Oct 28, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 1, 2013 by ChrisHoelscher

RO63129 has been published (for R18) – all I can say is – APPLY IT NOW

On my heavy back-end CVs (100 million+ tasks per week) – my non-ziip cpu dropped by 97% - from 0.0003560/task to 0.0000095/task

On my more hybrid CVs were not quite as impressive, and my heavy ADS+DC-COBOL were only slightly better under THIS z/iip exploitation than with no z/iip exploitation


On any CV – the biggest factor that affects the success of z/IIP exploitation is SWAPS – CA can provide help in determine your heavy swap points – for me they were I/O and numbered exits (in my case it was exit 23) – removing unneeded exits (in my case the reason it was installed no longer existed) – saved me 30%+ in swaps


I continue to work on making the heaviest random hit buffers as large as possible without causing shared cache thrashing – that will also reduce swaps

(should I have been doing this all along? Yes – but now there is definitely more bang for the buck with the changes this fix provides !!!  )