End-to-End Application Monitoring Requirements?

Discussion created by VLu on Oct 30, 2013


Our contract with CA is about to end and I have been tasked to gather new end-to-end (ETE) monitoring requirements. Based on these requirements, we will bring in few vendors for POC. I will not discuss why not just renew contract with CA, as this is our management decision to bring in other APM vendors for POC.

I'm reaching out to the community for requirement documentation that you could share with me. Any type of APM or ETE requirment doc is welcomed. The focus on these requirements would not be just APM alone but a solution that covers every hops. Mand ETE monitoring solutions focus on end to end round trip times in the datacenter. But what about LDAP, ESB, proxy server, load balancer, SAN, Storage, Network, etc. These overlooked components could be the bottleneck.

Thanks in advance.