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Failure in configuration of Apache & SM Agent in Windows

Question asked by anwar5006 on Oct 30, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 13, 2013 by dheerajk

Hi Team,

I have installed Siteminder Policy Server 6.0 & Sunone 5.2 in Machine 1 ( Windows ) and apache 2.2.17 & Siteminder Web Agent 6.0 in Machine 2 ( windows ).

Created Agent, ACO HCO, User Directory, Realms, Rule and Policies in Siteminder Policy Server 6.0 ( Machine 1 ).  Executed Webagent configuration wizard in ( Machine 2 ), it was configured successfully. 

Webagent was enabled in webagent.conf and restarted Apache. Observed following error

" Unable to load SiteMinder host configuration object or host configuration file. C:\Program Files\netegrity\webagent\config\SmHost.conf "

Checked smhost.conf file. It got created after successful host registration. but still the above error is being observed and LLAWP.exe process is not running.

Kindly provide ur suggestion to solved my issue