Process Pending Action Item Reminders

Discussion created by juan.segovia on Oct 31, 2013

Hi, I've been checking serveral posts on the forum about Action Item Reminders. Basically I need to create a simple batch job to run every day that examined the pending action items my processes sent and sent an email from the job as a reminder (I'm working with Clarity 13.2)

I was thinking two different options for this:

1. Send a reminder for every action item until they are approved/closed.

2. Just send one generic email to each user assigned to a pending action item stating they have pending actions to validate. I think this will reduce the email traffic generated from this job since we are talking about more than 700 projects and I dont want to colapse the exchange server with reminders.

According to the info on this post: https://communities.ca.com/web/ca-clarity-global-user-community/message-board/-/message_boards/view_message/13644913 this can be achieved (building the job in whatever language you like/you can code in, it can be GEL or PL/SQL or Java or ..... )

Since this is not my area of expertise (I can write real simple GEL only) I was wondering of you can provide me some example or any piece of code you used in the past If you faced something like this.

I know I'm asking too much but anyway, any help you can provide to perform any of those options will be really appreciated.

Thanks in advance.