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Maileater in SDM r12.7

Question asked by peukert on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by Naveen_Desham
I need your help. I am not able to make the system update tickets from notifications sent by the SDM.
My system is at version 12.7 in Portuguese. My notifications are configured to send Text. I read in forums it seems that the MailEater has a limitation in processing HTML, something not confirmed in the official documentation I read them. Is it true?
The MailEater is pulling messages from my Exchange without problems, but can not do the processing of emails. I read and reread the documentation:
- Implementation Guide 12.7 (Email chapter)
- Admiistration Guide 12.7 (Email Chapter)
- How the Text API Uses Keywords (CA Answer Bar)
- How to Set Up Notification Replies to Update Tickets (CA Answer Bar)
I have this scenario:
Follow everthing I did:
1-Notifications sent int text including a tag %REQUEST_ID:@{call_req_id.ref_num}% 
2- In Rule Mailbox for incident: ( )
Filter: Body or Subject 
Filter Characters: %Incident:{{object_id}}% 
No CaseSensitive: Yes
Record in stdlog: Yes
Prefix: email_
Default TextAPI: Blank
TextAPI Ignore: Blank
Reply Success: Yes
Reply Failure: Yes
3 - I create a incident via SDM web interface
4 - The Notification sent to me
5 - I Reply the notification with a email account included in ca_contact (this account is available)
6 - I see my message reply in Outlook Web Access (Webmail Exchange), after 10sec its downloaded for protocol POP of Maileater.
7 - In log I didn't see any error of maileater.
8 - A message of sucess or failure its not send. If I change mailbox rule - Filter Characters for ( .* ) instead of %Incident:{{object_id}}%, I receive message failure configured, and log shows
10/30 13:26:11.09 LWO-W08CSDM-01 pdm_maileater_nxd    8760 SIGNIFICANT  mail_common.c         1688 Connecting to PDM_Text_nxd.
10 - Fafter all, when accessing my incident ticket, nothing has been updated via email,.
Thanks for any help.