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Agent Log Clean Ideas, Please!

Question asked by April Merritt on Nov 1, 2013
Latest reply on Jul 10, 2015 by chris.trinidad

I am trying to find a way to effeciently manage agent logs.

In DE 11.3, I am currently creating 1 unix job for each agent and calling cli (see below). The issue is that I have to remember to add a new job to the app every time we install a new agent, or remove them when we decommission servers.

<host> <port> <user> 0X8B429CFD777543F5FAB7B743C5E85 "purgeagentlogs agent('<AGENT>')"

Has anyone found a good way to dynamically populate the agent names from the topology into just one job to run the purgeagentlogs? Has anyone found a better way to automate the management of your agent logs?