Siteminder for Multi factor Authentication

Discussion created by VelKongu on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 6, 2013 by Chris_Hackett

Hi All,

 I have application I have protected this page using Form based Auth Scheme with Protection level 5. Now user try to access this page and user is challenged and user enters his username/password. After authentication Siteminder has to pass control to web application for second level authentication and once second level authentication is also done, the SM cookie has to be updated to protection level 7 through web application.  Now my question is

1. Tell me what all possible use cases or ways on how to pass siteminder control after SM authentication to web application for second level authentication?

2. Is it possible to update protection level in Siteminder cookie from external Web application using API or some other means?. If possible how to do it securely without compromising siteminder security.?