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Data missing from PRJ_PROJECTS

Question asked by Owen_R on Nov 4, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 5, 2013 by Owen_R

Hi all

I have discovered that in some projects, which have baseline data, the columns PRBASEFINISH, PRBASESTART and PRBASETIME in table PRJ_PROJECTS are not populated.  The baselines were taken for the whole project in OWB so I would expect these columns to be populated.  It's not happening on every project.  It's giving me a problem with a report I run.

I've tried both creating an additional baseline and replacing the existing baseline but neither of these steps has brought data into the columns.

I know I can get project level baseline information from PRJ_BASELINES and PRJ_BASELINE_DETAILS but before I change my report or raise a ticket with Support I wanted to know if this problem had occurred before for anyone (a trawl of the knowledge base didn't reveal anything).

Any ideas?

 edit: that's v12.1.3 BTW!