Export-to-Excel : Wrong Hyperinks in XLS?

Discussion created by Dave on Nov 5, 2013
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Bit of a long shot, but I was wondering whether anyone has even seen this odd-behaviour (and can explain it!);

What we have seen, is that very occassionally the hyperlinks associated with a (bespoke) NSQL-based portlet that is Exported-to-Excel will be "wrong" in the XLS.

We have had users sending us XLS downloads that they have exported from Clarity portlets where the hyperlinks in the XLS are just "wrong" - when we recreate the scenario (run the portlet again, export-to-excel again) then the links are OK.  Unfortunately the users do not notice that the links are "wrong" until some time after they have produced the XLS so can not tell us whether the portlet links are "wrong" (and this is exported to excel as is) or whether the portlet is correct and the problem only manifests itself in the downloaded XLS (I suspect the latter, perhaps something to do with sorting bevaiour in building the XLS).

(And by "wrong" I mean that a link to project will be formatted correctly, but the "id" is for a different project to the one displayed - so the user clicks on a project in the XLS and gets taken to a completely different one in Clarity - we can not detect any "pattern" to the wrong link either apart from they seem all to be valid links)

This is weird, unreproducable behaviour (users are also unable to reproduce it when asked) and has only happened a couple of time that I know of in the last few months (it is possible it happens more often yet goes unreported).

We have raised this with CA Support and they are unaware of any bugs like this (even on the older versions of Clarity)

This is all from a 8.1 system but I am interested if anyone else has ever seen this in any versions.

Dave sad