Working with Paths in LISA

Discussion created by Randy.Guyan Employee on Nov 5, 2013
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When I teach LISA classes, one of the things I tell my students is to always refer to file locations using a LISA Property (such as {{LISA_PROJ_ROOT}} ) at the beginning to make the projects portable.  This is, of course, a best practice.

One other thing I mention to the class is to always use the Unix style forward slash "/" in Paths instead of the Windows style backslash "\" -- even if they are running on Windows machines.


If you use the Unix style forward slash, it *will* work on both Windows and Unix based machines.
The Windows style backslash will *not* work on a Unix machine.

So even if you are running LISA Workstation on Windows and LISA Server components on Windows, the Unix style will work.

And if, later on, if someone decides to switch from Windows servers to Unix servers, your Test Models and Virtual Service Models will still work without making changes!!