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Run parallel processes in PAM

Question asked by staja10 Employee on Nov 6, 2013
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It’s possible that you can help me with following issue:

How I can resolve problem with calling a sub-processes which are creating tasks for variable number of users (approvers). What does it means?


We’ve developed the system little bit, creating zTask form for Request (customization, new tab). Now, when end user is creating new ticket (Request, based on exact categorization), which needs approvals, PAM process is starting (here number of approval-level is unknown). These ‘unknown number of approvals’ are tasks belongs to Request created. Simple.

Now, at the beginning of process, we have to count, how many approver-levels we have got.

Maximum is FOUR – 1st – person, 2nd – person, 3rd – group, 4th – person.

We count all approver-levels -> we query CR table about these approvers. For every approver or group, PAM is creating tasks in Service Desk under our Request.

Approvers should to do the action – accept OR reject task in created request. We had create new_view, something like approval console, where approvers have to do their actions.

Every acceptance has his own instance in PAM (sub-processes, as part of main process).

Main process is waiting for all approvers/group, all created instances (in loop) should be positive execute. Otherwise Request will be rejected. Every sub-process has got Event Monitor which check status of acceptance and send response to our Request in Service Desk.

Question – find a manner that main PAM process WAIT for END of all sub-processes created before. Now it’s hang after 1st :/.

Maybe we have to change this solution, but here we don’t have any influence to performance problems.