Answers to Oct 30 Product Direction Webcast Q&A

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If you attended the most recent Product Direction Webcast on Oct 30 at 10:00am eastern, you know that we ran out of time for our usual Q&A. Here are the questions submitted and the answers to those questions. We emailed these out to the people who submitted questions, but I thought it would be good to share them with the community as well.

Here's the questions:


Is the login page rebranding available also for On Demand customers?

Yes.  But if you are accessing your Clarity instance from the On Demand Portal, you may not see the Clarity login page and you may not be able to take advantage of this improvement.


Will the interface to msp or workbench be eliminated?  do all project work in Clarity

No.  We will continue to support our MSP and OWB integration.


Is it possible to use Clarity Agile in an on-premise Clarity PPM environment?



On playbook.  Architecturally, does it connect to clarity proper or thru BO?

It connects to Clarity On Demand in R1 of Playbook and plans are for it to connect to On Premise in R2 of Playbook. 


Are there any plans for supporting Windows Phone as well as iOS and Android? E.g. mobile timesheet.

No plan as of now.  Please log an idea for this request so we can gauge interest for this mobile platform.


Is CA considering adding archiving data out of Clarity database to reduce the size of the database?

We are still investigating the technical and functional requirements needed for archiving.  If you have any specific archiving requirement you would like to share with us, please let us know or add that requirement in a comment on the existing idea from our Idea site.


Will this deck be available for download?

No, but the recording of this webcast will be available at the same location for you to view again.


When will BO 4.0 be available? 13.4?

We are planning to support BOXI 4.1 for 13.4


Will there be a rewrite of the MSP Connector in V 13.3?

We have started the updating of the architecture in v13.3 and it will need to be completed post-v13.3.


Will the presentation be made available?

No, but the recording of this webcast will be available at the same location for you to view again.


Any real thought or intention to implement attribute level vs. page level rights/security?

Please vote for this enhancement on the idea so we can the level of interested for this improvement.


What is the app name in Google play for Clarity mobile time entry?

CA Clarity Mobile Time Manager


Is there separate licensing costs for Playbook?



Do you have a date for the 13.3 release?

December 11, 2013


When will an archiving tool (be able to also delete) be made available?

See comments on archiving above.


I am interested in information about Data Warehouse.  What about BO?  Interested too in information about CABI and other reporting features coming.

Please join our next roadmap presentation next quarter and we’ll have more details on our plans for our reporting data warehouse.  In v13.4, we plan to support BOXI 4.1


Will the issue with WEBI properties page requiring JAVA version 6 be resolved.

We’re not familiar with this specific issue, we would need more information to answer the question.


Will the "rebrand the login page" feature be available for on-demand users??



What are CA thoughts and/or plans regarding the number 1 idea today, i.e. "Make TIMESHEET a Studio object" ?

We are still investigating the approach related to this improvement.


Can we get a document of this presentation?

No, but the recording of this webcast will be available at the same location for you to view again.


Will windows phone be supported?

See comments above.


We promise to make sure we leave enough time for Q&A in future webcasts! Thanks again we'll talk to you again at next quarter's webcast.


David Werner

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