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Action Macro In Classic WF To Alter CO Status - 12.6

Question asked by Stuart_ on Nov 7, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 10, 2013 by Stuart_

We are using SDM 12.6 and the classic workflow for Change Order tickets. I want the status on the Change Order ticket to automatically change when the status on a Worklow Task changes. Clicking on a status within a Workflow Task allows you to select the option "Update Actions on True" and select an Action Macro that is of the Workflow Task object type.

There is no Action Macro available to alter the Change Order Status.

I have never created an Action Macro, can anyone assist me with creating one that will modify the Change Order status?

From what I have read I need to intially extract a Workflow Task Action Macro to base my macro on. By running this command:

pdm_extract -f "SELECT del,fragment,lock_object,ob_type,sym,type FROM Spell_Macro WHERE sym = 'MACRO NAME'" > FILENAME.txt

Then set a new sym name and enter my desired code within the fragment section and load.

Any ideas out there?