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Question asked by Partha.S.Veeramallu on Nov 8, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 16, 2016 by Pasha2


We are facing issue with the SMSESSION , the details are below

1. Accessing SSO integrated application(1st application) on a new browser with valid credentials and redirected to the application page

2. From the Application page accessed one more SSO integrated application(2nd application) link

3. The 2nd application opened in a child browser window without prompted for Credentials again(the parent window session got carried to the chlid browser)

4. The user works on the 1st application and the 2nd application remains idle.

5. After 1hr(session timeout value for the 2nd app) if the user access the 2nd application the user redirected to the login page even though the session is valid on the parent browser. Here on the browser http trace I can see the SMSESSION=LOGGEDOFF

Could you please let me know why this is happening eventhough the session on the parent browser is still valid.