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PAM 4.1 - UIF with dynamic and "static"  Select Form-Element

Question asked by Juerg_Walther on Nov 13, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 18, 2016 by MWNiebuhr

Hi Community,

I'm have some problems with IRF and both "static" and dynamic pulldowns (Select Form Element) in the same UIF/IRF.
To become familar with the dynamic pulldowns i took the "09 Populate Dropdown Array" from the PAM_PreDefindedContent - User Interactive Form" Library and made a copy to my test folder.
I modified the process to get LDAP users (instead of the sample operator), started the Process and - Perfect! - i had a dropdown list of all ActiveDirectory displayNames in the dropdown "Select" (first Image below).
So i did take this "knowledge" to my existing User Interaction Form "Kein-Notfall-Change-IRF-A-AD to add the possiblity to select the appropriate Employee (add the LDAP Operator to the process "Kein-Notfall-Change" and extended the UIF/IRF. But bad news, in the existing IRF the dynamic dropdown does not work (Second Image below). I'm confused.

I exported the "sample dropdown..." and my Process with the IRF's - see in the zip file.
The 3rd image shows the ldap-operator and the 4th image shows the related IRF Operator in the "Kein-Notfall-Change" Process.

Any Idea?

Jürg (Juerg)