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track cash flow vs physical progress

Question asked by RonaldoRezende-TecBan on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 15, 2013 by sundar

I'd like to use Clarity to track two distinct things: financial cash flow and physical progress of project.
A) In the financial aspect, I'd like to track the planed and actual values of supplier payments, as well as the earnings of project. In other words, the project cash flow.
B) In phisycal aspect, I'd like to track the project deliveries on my schedule. I want to use the earned value analysis indicators.
I want to separate this subjects because this usually cause misunderstoods.

The delivery X from project P1 has the following financial planning:
Payment of $25.000 on 01-may-13.

The task to deliver X was scheduled to happen from 15-set-12 to 20-mar-13, at estimated cost of 25.000. The actual cost can be different.

So, I want to track the physical progress on Project Schuedule (MS. Project) and I want to track financial aspect in a different place, without misunderstoods.

Is it possible on Clarity?