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Issue with Timesheet Menu link following upgrade

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Nov 14, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 9, 2013 by Robert Ensinger
Hi All. 
   We went live on 13.2 on Tuesday and we've noticed something we'd like to see if others have seen and/or have solutions to. This is kind of high visiblity/user impact so any feedback is appreciated, we'll be opening an issue immediatly. Previous to our upgrade, the System Timesheet link (figure 1) would take a team member the timesheet list page of their timesheets (figure 2 - 'pre built' for the user - no ablity to filter by resource name). After the upgrade they see a list simmilar to one who approves time (figure 3 - notice the resource filtering capability). Since it doesn't have any user info, it comes up blank. We've already started getting calls. In the test case below we've stripped the permissions down to the basic group for user access group. One sytems, a fresh 13.2 sandbox works as expected, the other, our upgraded environment, does not. The URL the system takes them to in both cases is the same (https://<clarity>/niku/nu#action:timeadmin.timesheetBrowserReturn) - since this is a system page I'm stuck here.
Appreciate your help if you've seen this and have a solution.
Timesheet Issue