How to troubleshoot Xcelsius Dashboards displaying blank in Clarity

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Symptoms: Xcelsius Dashboards (OOTB Clarity or CSP Interactive portlets will not display or be blank)


Xcelsius Dashboards are Interactive portlets provided with Clarity or CSP. They are basically a Flash file (.swf) that is uploaded to Clarity. To create / modify a portlet, you will have to get the source code for the portlet in .xlf format and open it with SAP Xcelsius 2008. The source code for Clarity and CSP portlets is available to users for any modifications. However the .swf file itself does not have any additional configuration so all OOTB portlets should be working correctly as it is always the same OOTB .swf file.


  1. First thing to check is that you have set up your URL entry correctly. Connect to NSA - Servers - Application and make sure the HTTP or HTTPS Entry URL is set to same as the URL the users are using to connect to Clarity.

If you use the following URL to connect to Clarity:
You will want to set your HTTP Entry URL to:

If you use the following URL to connect to Clarity:
You will want to set your HTTPS Entry URL to:

  1. Repeat this for all the servers in cluster and restart the services. See if the portlets display.
  2. If the portlets still do not display, and are having an error message including the URL they are referring to, compare the exact URL with the one in properties.xml and thus you will be able to see why it wouldn't work and correct


  1. For release 13.1 and higher:
  1. If you followed the troubleshooting steps, and the existing portlets are displayed blank, and new portlets are working, this will mean we will have to actually recreate the portlet files .swf on database level (the interactive portlets will be always stored on database level starting v13.1).
  2. Use the solution to do it by XOG (step VI)


  1. For lower Clarity releases (12.x, 13.0.x, affected by CLRT-66160):
  1. Test and see whether documents in Clarity are working. To do this, try downloading or uploading a file to Knowledge Store or Project - Collaboration. You have to be a participant on the project in order to see the Collaboration tab.
  2. If the documents are working: To understand where the issue is coming from, attempt to create a new interactive portlet with the attached .swf. Then add it to a page and see if it displays. If it displays, the issue will be with the specific file on the existing interactive portlets and they will have to be xogged in manually from Clarity installation files (see the solution in step VI) If it doesn't display, this will be due to the URL configuration above.
  3. If the documents are not working: There might be a problem with the document store. The .swf files are saved in the filestore or the database so please check in NSA - Servers - Documents and Search or properties.xml where the files from Clarity get saved. If Store Files in Database is checked (storeFilesInDatabase="true" in properties), this means the files are stored in the database. If it's not checked, then the files are stored in the Filestore Directory (filestoreDir).
  4. If the files are stored in the database, enable SQL trace and attempt to upload a file again as per 1. Check the exact error message to troubleshoot the document issue.
  5. If the files are stored in the filestore, check the exact error message in the app-ca.log. Troubleshoot the error message in order to fix the issue.


  1. All versions, solution to recreate the portlets by XOG.

To XOG in the portlets (and basically recreate them) please do the following:

Depending on which portlets are affected:

  1. Please delete from Administration - Portlets the existing Interactive portlets starting with :
  1. Then please connect to Clarity App server
  2. Navigate to /bin directory
  3. Run the commands  (please replace the username,password, servername and portname with the ones used on your environment. For more information on using XOG, please refer to XOG Developer Guide):

login username/password@servername:80
output <filename>.xml (Specify an output filename)
call <portletname>.xml

Please call all the affected interactive portlets starting with xid* or csp* that you can find in

Make sure the portlets get correctly inserted. Then please readd to the Clarity page and test.