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Data in tables not updating???

Question asked by amy.yarrington on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2013 by amy.yarrington

I am at the end of my rope with this issue, so I'm coming to the "Brain Trust" for help.

I am not new to writing SQL queries, nor am I new at writing SQL queries against Clarity. I am trying to write what should be some fairly simple statements, using tried-and-true query text I've used elsewhere. I'm querying our test V13.2 environment. For some reason it's as if the data coming back to me is frozen. It's not reflecting updates I'm making in the GUI, as if I'm somehow hitting a different copy of the data that I'm looking at in the system.  Specifically, the updates in question are being made to a cost plan.

Using the simplest of simple statements:

select * from fin_cost_plan_details where plan_id = '5107009'

returns rows that would seem to indicate that my cost plan records haven't been changed since December 2012 when my audit tab for this cost plan clearly shows otherwise. Updates I've made within the past few days to specific numbers on the cost plan aren't being reflected. I have run every job I can think of (Time Slicing, Investment Allocation, Datamart, Purge Financial Data, etc) when past history querying these tables indicates that shouldn't be necessary.

I have CA Support verifying that I'm using the correct IP address, etc. But I'm fairly certain that I am pointing at the right environment because I can pull data that I know doesn't exist in our other two environments. I've used two different querying tools, including the one I normally use, and both give me the same result.  What am I missing? Part of me hopes it's something simple and stupid because at least I'd have an answer but at this point a simple stupid oversight on my part will make me pretty darn mad.  :-)