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Project OBS for Reports

Question asked by Robert Ensinger on Nov 15, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by Robert Ensinger

Hi all.

   We have recently seperated our OBSes into Investment specific and Resource specific OBSes, therefore we need to migrate off of OBS Filter All (OBS_BROWSE_FLT_ALL) whereever it is used. We tried OBS Projects Filter Browse (OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ) and OBS Resource Filter Browse (OBS_BROWSE_FLT_RES), but these fail, and according to Tech Document TEC561175, we are not to use OBS Projects Filter Browse (OBS_BROWSE_FLT_PRJ) or OBS Resource Filter Browse (OBS_BROWSE_FLT_RES) for Reports. The tech doc says "For other report parameters, customers should select lookups that have 'RPT' in the Lookup ID". 

   We're on Clarity Solution Pack and everything shows as installed. I have not been able to find Project or Resource specific OBSes that work. Am I missing something? What do others do?