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Cross domain policy error - Xcelsius

Question asked by rbnjana on Nov 18, 2013
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How to overcome Cross Domain policy error which we are getting while viewing interactive portlets. 

We get the below error:

To access external data, add a cross-domain policy file to the external data web server.
For more information, on the Adobe website, see the article “Cross-domain Policy File Specification”.
If the problem persists, contact the file creator or your system administrator.
Error: Error #2170
Connection Type: Web Service Connection
File URL: https://<servername>/niku/app?action=npt.viewInteractivePortletData&fileId=5539636&versionId=5539637&fileName=test.swf&RhXm0r7tSeUqEr=true
External Data URL: http://localhost/niku/xog