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Resource Planning

Question asked by Akhil.Kakkar on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2012 by riteshkumar
Hi there,

I am using the Resource Planning portlets (Allocations/Weekly Details).

The following are the steps I performed:
1) Created 2 resources.
2) Hard-booked the 2 resources to a project, with the status of 'BOOKED'.
3) Ensured that the time slice jobs are running.

When I go to the resource planning portlets, I do not see the bar graphs (yellow for exact allocation/red for over allocation).
I confirmed that the time slice job was running fine, and the respective slice tables were getting updated with the data based on the allocations done.

Even if I change the portlet configuration to show numbers instead of bar graph, the portlet does not show the data.
Can anyone please assist in identifying if I am missing anything. Thanks heaps.