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APM Cloud Monitoring - On Premise Monitoring

Question asked by lanceneal on Nov 19, 2013
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I was wondering if anyone has a better way to solve this problem?  Currently, we are an APM Cloud Monitor Customer- we upload and run scripts against applications and sites that sit outside our firewall. We have a need to run scripts to simulate End User Experience Monitoring inside our firewall against internal applications and to access applications from our sites through our Internet POP's to websites or applications we consume as a service.  We were really excited about APM Cloud Monitoring for On Premise, but were very discouraged when we found out the solution must run on dedicated Debian Linux.  We have Widows Servers located at each site and would be great to be used as a host for an agent.  

Currently we are using Wily Transaction Generator as a solution, but it is not very good.

Any suggestions?


Lance Neal