Financials Universe v 13.2- reconnect custom universe?

Discussion created by vtleogal2 on Nov 21, 2013
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We had a Financials universe setup according to "standards" in order to join it to custom project information. Anyway, all of our other Universes updated when we went from 12.1 to 13.2 without issue, except the Financials Univese. CA support said that the Financials Universe was not updated;rather, the Financials V13 Universe was created new and we needed to use this. This is great except when you have a rather large Universe already joined to the old one. So now, we cannot figure out how to "swap out" the joins from the old Financials Universe to the Financials universe v13.  The change guide does not help us.  If CA could not update the universe, then how are clients updating any Financials Universes they created? Ours joins to a lot of custom project and resource data Universes.

Any ideas on a faster way to correct our Financials Universe to now read the V13 Financials unverse without redoing everything? Support, so far, is saying they don't support custom Universes, but certainly CA can guide clients on what to do, if they could not update the Universe themselves? If CA had to publish a new Financials V13 Universe, then how are clients "correcting" any Universe currently joined to the prior Investment Financials universe. Any ideas? has anyone had to do this? We are still working with support, but so far, there has been no progress.

Sure hope this makes sense :)

I appreciate any help in advance.