Hiding an Idea

Discussion created by kelmac on Nov 22, 2013
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We are wanting to hide Confidential Ideas to a select group of people.  We thought the best way to do this was to create a new business OBS (Confidential) and then via security remove global access to Idea-Edit-All & Idea-View-All to all groups and add it back to specific groups as an OBS Unit access right excluding the new Confidential OBS and we've created a new group (Leadership) which still has the Global Idea-Edit-All and Idea-View-All.   This now allows "Leadership" to see ALL Ideas and any other group to not see any Ideas with an OBS of Confidential.  which is great.

But in the process of testing I removed other Resource security permissions namely Resource-Edit Idea-All & Resource-Approve Idea-All as I didn't understand what they were doing, I read the Clarity guides on their explanations and determined I didn't need them and testing of the above confirmed.

My issue is although I am a Clarity Administrator moving forward I won't be part of this new "Leadership" group and do not want to see Ideas with OBS of "Confidential", I've found by removing the Resource-Approve Idea-All permission I can no longer change the Status of an Idea which I need to (eg from 'Submitted for Approval' back to 'Incomplete') as this field is now greyed out.  When I add this permission back on as an OBS Unit access right to our Administrator security group excluding the "Confidential" OBS I can still see all Ideas, if I remove it then I don't see the "Confidential" ones but I'm back to not being able to change the Status of any Ideas.  I'd expect the OBS rights to kick in but doesn't appear to.  

I'm using version 13.2, are there any suggestions on how I can get around this? or anyone had anything similar?