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Timing for 13.1 Jobs

Question asked by ALMcVey on Nov 22, 2013
Latest reply on Nov 25, 2013 by Michael.Jain

Hi all,

I have inherited some Job schedules from a legacy implementation.
We have upgraded to 13.1 recently and the system *crawls*.  It is agonizing.  (We are in a SaaS environment.)

During the investigation of one of our moaning sessions, the tech mentioned that the Investment Allocation job was sucking resources.
The current schedule has the application running this job and Update Hierarchy Data *constantly*.  It just bounces from one to the other in an endless loop.

I asked what the optimal schedule was for these jobs and was told to run it every few minutes.  (Which is status quo.)
According to him, the new OOTB portlets need these jobs to show up to date information.

Does anyone have any information around this?  It is taking up to 5 minutes to open a basic project page.