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Portfolio Prioritization

Question asked by ed.olszanowski on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 23, 2010 by sundar
We have portfolio's established for all of our IT projects in Clarity. However, we are in the early stages of creating our to-be processes for prioritizing the projects in the portfolio.

I need some input from the community so see Clarity has the capability of generating a weighted score based on a questionairre and populated fields in each project.

Some of the literature I've been researching suggest creating a weight based on categories and components for each project. (Example from "The Advanced Project Management Memory Jogger" Attached). This seems like a major undertaking.

My initial thoughts are that I can create a page similar to the Business Alignment page (or change some of the questions) to gather the information below. Then display each score in a Portfolio view. Additionally, we would need to restrict the number of projects based on the annual approved project budget threshold. I see that the portfolio setup has a field for the budget, but I have yet to investigate how that works.

If anyone has some suggestions or ideas how this can be done, I'm sure the community will be very interested. I'd be surprised if this isn't something most companies are looking for in today's industry with having to do more with less resources.

Ed Olszanowski, PMP
NuStar Energy