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Wrongly created/approved WIP Adjustments

Question asked by nmanoha on Nov 25, 2013
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The past few weeks we were doing rate corrections for a few resources in Clarity. There was a list of resources for who, the original rate of $XX needed to be changed to the new rate of $YY. 

We went into Create WIP Adjustments, filtered for the time period during which time was submitted with $XX as the rate and transferred them for approval by clicking on 'Calculate New Rate'.

We realised that there were a few resources for who this was done wrongly. I will try to explain this as much as I can:

For a resource code filter of '102', Clarity was yielding results which included '10261', '10277' etc also. :


We selected all rows which were produced, without noticing the resource code filter error and Transferred them for approval, and approved them.

Ex: If a resource has a resource code of 10261 and had entered 10 hours, these 10 hrs were transferred for approval with resource code 102 (for who the rate correction needed to be made)

Now, resource 102, who was not a part of the project earlier, is now present in 10261's project team, with 10hrs effort.

When I compare PRTEAM and PPA_WIP Tables for a project, one extra row (resource) is being produced in PPA_WIP.

sadHow do I undo this?