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Detached when process ended

Question asked by akhan.1 on Nov 25, 2013
Latest reply on Sep 26, 2014 by CyanX

hi there, i have a process for Change Order my scnario is like this:

in my process task is assigning to Project Manager he has three condiotions 1- approve, 2- reject, 3- information required.when PM selects Information Required it goes back to Requester/CO creator. he has to update information then an operator of update ticket has to run to update Change Order then it has to return to Project Manager for Approve/Reject.

now process is running fine untill Requester submits, change order updates with new changes then it has to assign again to PM.

i've created a Reset and select "assign PM task operator" press OK link it with PM task and run the process.

in result it is being automatically "rejected" and close when it reach to PM as it pass from Reset Operator.

and in logs i saw following error

in details of Assign Task to PM operator. "Detached when process ended"


tell me how can i use the reset operator and how it can stop and wait for user input in assignment task?