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Call SQL file

Question asked by shanks007 on Nov 26, 2013
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In my current project, we have a lot of SQL queries accessing oracle database. Some of SQL queries are used in multiple locations in the design. The Application is changing often, hence the SQL statement also going to change frequently. Hence i would like to keep the SQL query as file with in LISA project and call multiple times. This also provides me the Source controlling the SQL files easily. I have a SQL folder with in LISA project where we are using the DBDeploy functionality. I would like to keep the SQL files(30 to 40) each having a query with in the SQL folder and call the required files in the JDBC or DataSet set. Is there a way to call sql files?

We use LISA 6.0.10

I thought about keeping all the SQL queries in the Config file. It will be messy to have all environment related info and SQL queries. If no other option, then i have to use the config file.

Thought about using Dataset with in LISA. We have multiple test cases using the SQLs, hence if there is a change, then i have to change the data set in all the test cases.

Thought about using external dataset (Excel file), it's not possible to source control

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