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create simple process and stop in a step

Question asked by Pilar_OHIM on Oct 21, 2010
Latest reply on Dec 10, 2010 by senthi
we wouldlike to create a process very simple one, Approval of a Project by the Head of a Deprtment.

Start On demand only if The project meets 2 conditions, ok and send a notificaction /with mail, to 3 users( The Project Management Office).

Do I need to do this by and action Item?how?

Step1: The Project Management Office receive the Mail and the Action Item , then do what they have to do and then need to go to next step; can i do this by setting the action item to done? as well we need to send an email and an Action Item to the Head of departmen

Step2: The Head of department received the mail and the Action Item, decices if approves or not the porject and then We need to set the value of an attribute of a Project( we now this part). But now to make it effective an go to the last stage to finish again, can we do it by an action Item? and the
Head of department needs to do something in the Action Item? Set the satus at done?