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SMTP Authentication

Question asked by Rafael Cardoso on Nov 26, 2013
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I currently have several applications using the solution CA Process Automation 4.1 which I highlight the CA IT Asset Manager (12.8CP1), CA Service Desk (12.7CP1) and CA Business Intelligence.

According PAM documentation, there's no content available which could make reference to this subject. On Design Form, when we select the SEND EMAIL we dont have option to select the port or authentication method for SMTP. We could select SMTP server or POP server and port on "Configuration > Module > Email" but about SMTP port or authentication method we dont have any choice than using default configuration as port 25 and authentication as simple user and password.

Our enterprise server is defined only allows NTLM authentication. It is not possible talking about a mail configuration without having the power of selecting the right setting such as smtp port and authentication method. 

Is there any configuration or existing method that can set these values?

I have information that there is available an workaround for smtp port. 
The smtp can be modified by adding a line to and restarting the orchestrator: mail.smtp.port=<port number>

And for authentication method?

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