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New Orchestrator on a New Environment

Question asked by RicardoNeves on Dec 5, 2013
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I have a CA PAM 4.1 installation with a single Domain Orchestrator. I've installaed a second Orchestrator (on the same server) to use on a new enviroment (the idea is use the default enviroment for Tests and a new one for Production). After I install the Orchestrator, and when I try to add it to a new touchpoint, the new orchestrator does not appear... I would like to know what I did wrong...

My Steps to install a new orchestrator were:

1. Logon on CA PAM

2. Tab Configuration -> Install Orchestrator

2.1 - I gave a differente name to the Orchestrator;

2.2 - I've create a new runtime database (one per orchestrator!), but I've used the same library and reporting databases.

3. Installation Completed.


I would like to know the reason for the new orchestrator does not appear when I try create a new touchpoint on my PAM installation... 

Thanks in advance.


King Regards,

Ricardo Lima Neves.