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Benefit plan values not editable for some time periods

Question asked by ADFraser on Dec 5, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2013 by am1

Here's the scenario.

I have a 5-year Benefits plan to create.

I set the Start of the Benefits plan to "Year1" and the Finish to "Year5".  All of the Annual Fiscal Time Periods are created correctly and active.  The Fiscal Time Periods are NOT calendar years, they end at the last Saturday of each calendar year.

I add Detail to the Benefit plan and attempt to enter planned benefit values via in-line editing in the grid.

When I get to "Year5" the cell in the grid does not change to allow me to edit it.

My workaround is to extend the Benefits plan to Finish in "Year6" and then edit the Planned Benefit Value in "Year5."

This seems like an unreasonable, non-intuitve workaround.  Is this a known issue with CA?  Do you think there is some issue with Clarity not handling my Fiscal Time Periods elegantly?


Thank you for your response.