Top 20 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for November 2013

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APM Top 20 Accessed KB Articles and Documents for November 2013 


1. CA APM 9.1.7 Readme (m003661e)

2. CA APM 9.1.6 Readme (m003591e)

3. CA Application Performance Management 9.5 Release Notes (m003701e)

4. CA APM 9.1.7 Readme (Japanese) (m003661j)
https://support.ca.com/irj/portal/openFilehttps:/support.ca.com/cadocs/1/m003661j.pdf m003661j

                                         KB Articles

1. Is ABA available for APM 9.5.1?
Description: This article discusses ABA availability for 9.5.

2. Weblogic application using Java Object Cache (JOC) encounters JVM performance problem due to larger number of wily class weak references being held even after GC of old generation. SQLAgent is being used to monitor SQL activity on the database.
Description: None

3. Agent keeps disconnecting from collectors and tries to connect to the other collectors, mom and the interfaces and it is failing to reconnect.
Description: Agents disconnect and fail to reconnect to the configured primary and secondary Enterprise Manager (collectors) defined as Locations and Names in IntroscopeAgent.profile (introscope.agent.enterprisemanager.connectionorder property) hostname and port, it is trying all other interface names to the same server and ports on which the EMs are listening and it is failing to connect because of firewall or network issue:

[WARN] [IntroscopeAgent.ConnectionThread] Failed to re-connect to the Introscope Enterprise Manager at

You might have different interfaces on the EM servers and more than EMs running on different ports.
How can you avoid the Agents trying alternate names and ports?

4. APM 9.5 installer binaries are missing the PowerpackForWebSphere_Agent.jar.
Description: APM 9.5 installer binaries are missing the PowerpackForWebSphere_Agent.jar.

5. CA APM Technical Advisory: APM/Introscope 9.1.x Agent Transaction Structure Memory Leak
Description: Technical Advisory: APM/Introscope 9.1.x Agent Transaction Structure Memory Leak

CA Technologies has identified a memory leak issue with CA APM/Introscope 9.1.x agents that can have an operational impact for our customers. This technical advisory describes the affected versions and platforms in more detail, and explains the workarounds or remediation actions that are recommended to prevent this issue from impacting your application environments.

6. How to enable Agent 9.1 JMX with Jboss 5.1 and enable the Thread and JDBC graphs available from the new Resources tab
Description: None

7. I am having recording issues with WTG and my private key/certificate. What should I do?
Description: When attempting to record a script, In the script log seeing various errors such as HH:MM:SS Request 1 error - Cannot connect to server:11:SSL Handshake Failed:
error:14077410:SSL routines:SSL23_GET_SERVER_HELLO:sslv3 alert handshake failure. What are the next steps?

8. SERVICE PACK::9.1.5
Description: What is fixed in 9.1.5

9. Tracer Type Mapping Legacy New Modes
Description: None

10. Can a 9.1.x.x TIM be upgraded to a later 9.1.x.x service pack or 9.5 without needing to reinstall the RHEL 5.x operating system?
Description: The Installation and Upgrade Guides for 9.1.x and 9.5 advise that an Operating System install step is required for TIM upgrades.

Is this necessary if the TIM is already at 9.1.x.x and therefore already running under RHEL 5.x?

11. Cluster running slow, poor response time, can't navigate, can't do a transaction trace, load balancing not working properly. Where should I look next?
Description: If experiencing cluster slowness, have troubleshooted/fixed these issues -- The Collector running slow messages, reduce the number of traces from beng above 500,000, optimized the EM minimum/maximum heap size. And still the issue persists around Collector performance where at any given time, only one collector is showing slow performance, then the number of Business Transactions could be the culprit.

12. Failed to send SNMP trap due to exception: Socket problem: Cannot assign requested address: Cannot bind
Description: Introscope alerting doesn't work if Webview is running on a seperate machine to the Introscope EM's
It affects any EM v8/9 using any Catalyst APM Connector version. In the EM log you will see the below exception:

1/10/12 11:39:10.037 AM EST [ERROR] [Alarm Pooled Worker] [Manager.SNMPAlertAction] Failed to send SNMP trap due to exception: Socket problem: host=<EM IP address>, port=6162, bindAddr=<Webview IP address> Cannot assign requested address: Cannot bind

13. Getting 'Unspecified Users' in CEM ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2106 )
Description: None

14. Graph of Time To First Response in Defect Time Distribution
Description: None

15. How to Collect Thread Dumps for a Standalone Windows APM Workstation
Description: In the course of troubleshooting an issue, CA Technologies Support may ask the case owner to collect thread dumps for a locally installed, standalone Windows APM Workstation. This can be done through the following steps.

16. How to download APM Software from support.ca.com
Description: None

17. How to eliminate duplicate APM CE transaction definitions.
Description: You are not seeing any statistic or defects for a transaction definition. How can you know that this is due to a duplicate or overlapping transaction definition (such as a matching Path or /travel)?

18. How to increase the ConnectionStatus reporting time when an agent disconnects
Description: When an agent disconnects, the EM changes the agent "ConnectionStatus" from 1 to 3. After 30 minutes this metric stops reporting in Investigator. This article explains how to increase the amount of time for which the ConnectionStatus continues to report in Investigator if you want it to keep reporting for a much longer time.

19. How to purge or reduce the size of a Postgresql APM database and optimize CEM data retention
Description: This document provides some guidelines on how to purge and/or reduce the size of an APM database maintained in Postgresql and includes suggestions for optimizing CEM data retention settings.

20. Introscope ColdFusion monitoring ( Legacy KB ID WLY 2576 )
Description: How do we instrument Jrun agent for ColdFusion ?