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SSL with self-signed certificate

Question asked by FloGoya on Dec 10, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2013 by another_martink

Hi Guys! I need some help to configure SSL with self-signed certificate on Clarity v13.1.

Based on the steps on the Installation Guide I run the following command to generate a self-signed certificate:

keytool -genkey -keystore D:\CA\Clarity\config\.keystore -keyalg RSA -storepass password

Then I configure the CSA with the following information, here's the section from the properties.xml:


  <webServer schedulerUrl="" capaUrl="" sessionTimeout="" tenantTimeout="1440" sslType="full">
    <webServerInstance id="app" entryUrl="http://clarityppm" sslEntryUrl="https://clarityppm:443" port="80" enablePort="false" sslPort="443" enableSSLPort="true" address="" connectorPort="8009" connectorAddress="" context="/niku" documentRoot="" useHttpOnlySessionCookie="false" useSecureSessionCookie="false"/>
    <webServerInstance id="nsa" entryUrl="http://clarityppm:8090" sslEntryUrl="https://clarityppm:8093" port="8090" enablePort="false" sslPort="8093" enableSSLPort="true" address="" connectorPort="8109" connectorAddress="" context="/niku" documentRoot="" useHttpOnlySessionCookie="false" useSecureSessionCookie="false"/>
  <ssl keystore="D:\CA\Clarity\config" password="password"/>


Under Properties\Application I chose 'Support Only HTTPS', then re-started all Clarity services.


If instead of choosing 'Support only HTTPS' I choose 'Support both HTTP and HTTPS without switching' I can get into Clarity, and the first page shows https URL, but once accepting the message to continue on the same page it redirects to HTTP page. We only want to use HTTPS.


I have never worked with HTTPS before so this is my first attempt and the first time I configure it on Clarity. Am I missing any steps? I really appreciate your advice.