GA Announcement - CA Clarity PPM and CA Clarity Agile 13.3 Documentation

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On behalf of the Technical Information team at CA Technologies, we are pleased to announce that the technical information products for CA Clarity™ PPM and CA Clarity™ Agile Release 13.3 are now available. The product documentation has been updated to incorporate release changes and to help you find information faster. 

CA Clarity™ PPM

  • CA Clarity PPM Cookbook. Select CA Clarity PPM technical content is available on the mobile device platform Flipboard. Watch this video and use the cookbook today. Happy flipping!

  • Online Help Bookshelf. To help simplify and improve how you find content, the bookshelf available from the product only includes the product documentation. Additional information such as release notes, green books, KB articles, social media, and so forth is available in the On Premise and On Demand bookshelves on CA Support Online.

  • New Portfolio Management Scenarios Guide. Provides “how to” scenario content the Portfolio Manager needs.

  • New Portlet Reference Guide. Provides a list and details for all out-of-the-box portlets and PMO Accelerator portlets.

  • Accelerator, Add-in, and Connector Guides. To help improve how you find content, the release notes for the accelerators, add-ins, and connectors are now found in their associated product guide.

  • Basics User Guide and Personalizing CA Clarity User Guide. To help improve how you find content, the content in the Personalizing CA Clarity User Guide is now found in the Basics User Guide.

  • Access Rights Reference Guide. To help improve how you find content, the access rights for all the guides are now found in the Access Rights Reference Guide. They are no longer included in the individual guides.

  • XML Open Gateway Developer Guide. The element syntax IsComplete and completed were recognized as deprecated forms and are replaced by complete. For example, when true, the optional complete element for the OBSAssocs element indicates that any OBS associations represent a complete replacement as a set. When the value is false, the operation inserts and/or updates any existing OBS associations. Sample content including sample .xsd files may continue to show the old forms. The documentation reflects this recognition of a single standard in topics that include the complete element with the following note:

Note: Complete replaces deprecated forms completed and IsComplete.

  • CA Answer Bar. Quickly find the CA Clarity PPM information you need using the CA Answer Bar ( Find the latest “how to” scenario content, discover great insights from CA Support, and more. You’ll spend less time searching and more time focused on getting your job done. Technical content is available for CA Clarity PPM 13.0 and above.

You may access the CA Clarity™ PPM documentation on CA Support Online (no login required) and also by searching (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

For more information about what's new in this release, see the On Premise Release Notes and On Demand Release Notes.

CA Clarity™ Agile

  • Frequently Asked Questions. You can access the Frequently Asked Questions from the CA Technologies Bookshelf. This guide describes some commonly asked questions on project and requirements planning.

  • Scenarios Guide. The Scenarios Guide is not published starting this release. The scenarios from the guide are included in the User Guide, Administration Guide, and the FAQs.

  • Integration Guides. Integration guides do not include information on integration with JIRA and QC. JIRA and QC integration is done through Tasktop. Contact your service representative to integrate your ALM tool using Tasktop.

You may access the CA Clarity™ Agile documentation on CA Support Online (no login required) and also by searching (Google, Bing, Yahoo).

For more information about what's new in this release, see the Release Notes.

Thank you for your business.