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Early Clarity timesheet approval seems to block scheduling in OWB

Question asked by trajesh on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 12, 2013 by Dave

Hi All,

I have an issue where i have done the following steps:

When I go in OWB project (Test_project) where a given resource (resource_test) is scheduled, OWB prevents me to put some ETC on every days that is before 30/12/13 (even in "imposed" mode), and does not schedule any ETC automatically.

Even if resource_test is correctly allocated at 100% to the project : I can see in OWB project that resource_test has 5 days avalaible, but 0 day ETC for weeks 09/12, 16/12 and 23/12 (see attached screen shot).

I suspect one thing : I approved in advance a timesheet for period 30/12/13. This timesheet includes 2 days of vacation,and is now in "posted" status.

=> Could you please confirm that my scheduling problem comes from the fact that I should not have approved the 30/12timesheet ?

=> Is it possible to solve/bypass this problem in OWB (I tried to adjust the 30/12 timesheet => no effect) ?

can any one please tell me is there any workaround for this so that we can enter the ETC for Days After the Actuals are posted