Cost type categorization for actual cost

Discussion created by tanch10 Employee on Dec 12, 2013
Latest reply on Dec 20, 2013 by Chris_Hackett

If you are introducing Cost type funcationailty, you might have an issue with actual cost categorization.

Let’s say the customer have ran the capitalization job and introduce cost-type in their environment. They configured the cost-type attribute on the project and tasks. Update the attribute as operating or capital accordingly.

Then they  created a new cost plan from task assignments  with  roles and cost-type as grouping attributes. The cost plan would categorize the planned cost based on cost-type  but  not  the actual cost. All the  actuals are shown under operating cost (this could be because, by default the cost-type is  operating for the project).  It will not split the actuals  between operating and capital even though some tasks are categorize as capital and actuals are posted against the capital tasks. 

This is by design, for existing project actuals. The job will categorize existing actuals with the cost type that is at the project level (either Operating or Capital). Any future transactions will get categorized according to the setup of the project and tasks.